When I join a team or company, my priority is to quickly find a way to add value.

I am a Junior Web Designer living in beautiful Colorado Springs, Colorado. I have been working professionally coming up on 2 years now, and have seen first hand just how fast paced this industry is. In my short time working, I have learned many new technologies and techniques. Ranging from Bootstrap, to WordPress, “Flat” design, “Organic” design, how to capture and edit photography…ultimately, I learned how to step in where I am needed.

My strengths lie in website design through photoshop, and UX through sketching, wireframing, and conducting user research and competition research. In addition, I also know my way around coding designs through HTML, CSS, and a little bit of JS. I can do basic photo editing and graphic design, and have worked one-on-one with clients throughout projects to maintain great communication.

In a nutshell, you could say I can do a little bit of everything. Design, development, client relations, project management, whatever you need, if you set me up for success, I will provide it! I love working closely with teammates to collaborate and provide the best solutions to problems, as well as learning and adapting to new positions, ensuring the best outcome for whatever product/business goal/you name it!







What I lack in experience, I make up for with a positive attitude, a willingness to learn, and the ability to adapt.

My bread and butter. I am very comfortable taking business goals/project objectives, and designing website layouts that are geared toward achieving those goals. My core focus is keeping the design simple and functional, while still having a nice aesthetic appeal to it. However, if a project calls for something more “artsy” or “detailed”, the goals are always the most important thing to consider and implement.


Okay, so I lied before. If web design is my bread, UXD would be my butter. I’ve seen this role evolve a lot over the last year. At first there was just “UX”. Now, there are many subsets of that role. My experience with UX has been conducting user research (through working with sales teams, user testing websites, or existing data) to find out the best way to tackle a particular task or project. Then, I will craft a few personas to get a better idea of the majority types of users. Then basing my design, whether it be just a form, landing page, or whole website, around this information.


I am very familiar with HTML and CSS. I can code static websites of semi-complex designs, while using a framework such as Bootstrap for a grid. I have used some Javascript for some basic interactivity on websites, and know what I am looking at when looking at JS for specific things on GitHub or forums. I also am familiar with PHP. Not enough for say, WordPress theme development or crazy PHP builds, but I can and have edited PHP sites and like JS, know my way around the code.


In recent projects, I have worked extensively with WordPress, particularly using premium themes. From taking a theme and completely customizing the look of it it with custom HTML and CSS, to installing plugins, maintaining backups, and doing some basic SEO and performance optimization. I really enjoy working with WordPress and look to boost my PHP and theme/plugin development skills in the near future.

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Whether you are looking to potentially hire me, or would just like to say a quick hello, I am always interested in meeting new people!