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Project Description

*Direct Trading Pins and Trading Pin Superstore were part of a project to quickly redesign the old sites and give the new ones a fresh new look and comply with mobile standards for the upcoming trading pin season. Both designs were to remain almost identical in terms of their layouts, but the home pages needed to be unique and different, as well as their overall style.*

Color Scheme:

I chose to go with a nice/bright/pastel green and blue, as well as a red for the color scheme. I thought the blue and green looked really fun and modern (the audience was parents of young kids) and the red was a good contrast for CTA’s. I also peppered in some gradients where appropriate to add some variance to the design and keep with the “trend” of gradients.

Homepage Layout:

I created a fun hero banner with lots of trading pins on top of a parallax gradient background with a sports-themed pattern. The USP is the copy in the header with a large “Free Quote” button (which you will see is the main action we want users to take).

This is followed by a brief “about us” section that is meant to instill trust in the company, with a large pin artwork showcasing the amazing designs the company produces.

Then a quick break to let the user know that we have a newsletter they can subscribe to, to get all the latest trading pin news and deals.

The second largest section on this page is the pin categories. This section features more large pin artwork images correlating to their respective sports category. These link to the specific sports category page where they can view more artwork in that category, get pricing and options information, and even fill out a form to immediately and easily request a free quote.

Finishing up the home page is one last free quote CTA.

The footer on every page has links to all of the main pages on the site, as well as an important disclaimer for people ordering pins during certain dates. I also added in the logo one more time for brand recognition as well as credit card logos the company accepts to let the user know that this is not just a display website.

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