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Project Description

*Direct Trading Pins and Trading Pin Superstore were part of a project to quickly redesign the old sites and give the new ones a fresh new look and comply with mobile standards for the upcoming trading pin season. Both designs were to remain almost identical in terms of their layouts, but the home pages needed to be unique and different, as well as their overall style.*

Homepage Layout:

The hero banner features a few trading pins against a baseball field background to give this site a fun, sports feel. The text “Create Your Own Trading Pins, Trading Pin Season Is Here” conveys urgency and lets users know that you can create custom trading pins here. Underneath is a small banner displaying a few USPs the company offers.

From there we go straight into all the different sports categories of trading pins the company specializes in. I created images of 3 trading pins that correspond to each category. 6 of their most popular categories are featured, but you can click through to view all of the categories if you don’t see the one you are looking for.

A quick newsletter signup CTA.

Then a section that is a little “about us” of the company to convey trust and mention a few great things the company offers in addition to trading pins.

Following this is a section that showcases the fun and interesting options you can add to your custom trading pin using animated gifs. This adds some cool life and motion!

After that, I decided to add a section explaining how easy it is (only 4 steps) to order your custom trading pins. I added fun little icons that relate to the text and the step in the users ordering journey.

The last 2 sections are:

  1. 1.) A few more links to other parts of the site that needed to be featured
  2. 2.) A testimonial section.

There is a CTA right before the footer on every page, but on the homepage, I created a pretty cool (I think!) free quote form.

The footer is well-thought and has links to the other major pages on the site, the company logo, disclaimer for certain ordering dates, large phone number, email address, and accepted payment options.

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